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Water Sports

Water Sports


The Banana ranks as one of our top activities. Three to five campers enjoy time together while racing through the waves. From leaning into the turns to helping each other back on the Banana to waiting for a turn, campers have the opportunity to practice our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility ... all while having the time of their life!

Whether there are two, three or four campers laying or sitting on a tube, we have inflatables for everyone. Once ready, our campers say, "Hit it!" and are off in a flash. Riders move back and forth across the wake all while giggling, screaming and hanging on tight. It easily ranks as one of the favorite things to do while at camp.


Canoeing and kayaking are a classic at summer camp. Canoe races, obstacle courses or trip out of the cove are awesome experiences that our camper will never forget. Although our kayaks are very basic in design, the experiences that a camper receives through independence on the water are immeasurable. Once campers have gotten the hang of canoeing or kayaking they can test their limits with our stand-up paddleboards!

A camper commanding his or her boat under the power of the wind will provide a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. We sail smaller boats to allow our campers to have first-hand knowledge of taking the lead and being the captain on their own watercraft.

Our pool is "L" shaped with both a shallow section and a deep section. Our campers are swim tested every day at the pool in order to make sure they have the most fun while being as safe as possible.

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are easily the most exciting activities we have at camp. Our campers experience the water like never before with our World Class Ski Boats and equipment. Whether a camper has never been behind a boat or if they are a pro, we can provide hours of fun on the lake.

Wakesleding and kneeboarding get our campers out on the water in no time. With our new, versatile wakesled boards, our campers experience being pulled behind a boat without worrying about holding onto a rope. Campers can lay down, kneel or even stand on these boards for a wicked good time!

You can't miss our 100-foot long "Wet Willie" water slide with its vibrant red and yellow canvas. That is 100 feet of complete fun!

I got to meet friends and do stuff I never get to do at home.

Dane P., 10