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Target Sports

Target Sports


At YMCA Camp Cullen, we offer archery and riflery. Camp is full of fast action activities, and with days packed with field sports, swimming, horseback riding and more, Target Sports offers a chance for campers to slow down and learn a skill that requires discipline, focus and patience.

Archery allows campers to improve their skills with a bow and arrow. Whether it be with a standard recurve* or a compound bow, everyone will find sighting in on the bull's eye a challenge.

Safety is taught as an important part of archery.

*Recurve bows are reserved for our tiniest campers.

Although it is a great deal of fun and offers much excitement, there is a tremendous amount of safety being taught and exhibited on our rifle range. Teaching is an important element in any camp; however, at the rifle range it is the first focus of our experience.

I got to meet friends and do stuff I never get to do at home.

Dane P., 10