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Kamp K'aana

Kamp K'aana



JUNE 7-20, 2020

Kamp K'aana introduces children to powerful, life-changing tools for healthy living while offering the fun of an overnight summer camp experience.

Held at YMCA Camp Cullen on Lake Livingston, Kamp K'aana provides a two-week program for kids ages 10-14 who are above a healthy weight.


Kamp K'aana is designed by a team of specialists from Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) and Baylor College of Medicine and is delivered by the YMCA of Greater Houston at YMCA Camp Cullen.


Each day campers receive three meals and several snacks in a meal plan designed by TCH dietitians. Meals are delicious, balanced and nutritious with an emphasis on high fiber and whole grains rather than sugar and fat.


Campers are equipped with the tools they need to conquer their weight management issues while at the same time offering an incredible experience that increases self-confidence and builds self-esteem. By the end of camp, campers typically lose between 5 and 10 pounds. Once they return home, children will be motivated to maintain their weight and obtain long-term results. To be eligible for this specialty camp, children must be in the 95th percentile of Body Mass Index (BMI) for their gender and age. Click here to calculate. For more information, please contact

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Camp to me is an opportunity to leave all your worries behind and enjoy life. To make new friends. To explore the things I like. To get to know nature and myself. Camp makes me a better person.

Ara T., 14