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Children's Museum of Houston Track

Children's Museum of Houston Track


Add-On Specialty Tracks to your camping session(s)

Campers choosing our newest specialty track will enjoy a three-hour session (full track) each day at the newly renovated Allen Center exploring the wonders of science and so much more.  Our specially trained staff will lead our campers as they enjoy all that the Children’s Museum of Houston/Camp Cullen partnership program has to offer.



Campers will dig deep to discover the wonders of the past! Using shovels, brushes and grit, camp archaeologists will recreate a dig site in search of arrow heads and arrow shafts. Back in the lab they’ll make an artifact cast out of their freshly dug arrowhead that could be displayed in a museum. They’ll finish the day studying pictograph languages of Native Americans so that they can create their own pictograph language.



Campers will look beyond their planet to understand the solar system and beyond. As young astronomers, they will use math and calculation to create a scale model universe in both size and distance, create meteorites and comets to understand the importance of impacts and understand the size of the universe by studying galaxies and creating their very own galaxy in a bottle.



Campers will understand the idea of chemical properties and chemical change when they don their lab coats and gloves and work in a chemistry lab. As chemists, they will understand the properties of density, create a simple physical and chemical change in nothing but a bag and filter dirty water into clean water using activated charcoal.



Campers will understand the anatomy of different invertebrates and one vertebrate when they take scissors and forceps and open up the wonders of dissection. Throughout the day, young biologists will open up and study increasingly more complex animals to understand both their inner and outer anatomy.



Campers will crack open the mysteries of geology by studying rocks and the forces behind the creation of rocks. Young geologists will recreate the rock cycle using crayons, study specific rocks and the forces behind them and pull out a core sample to better understand the relative age of rocks.



Full Track (3 hours per day) - $200




It’s an opportunity to make new friends, to have a break from technology. It’s the first real chance I’ve had to be responsible and independent.

Morgan E., 13