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Cabin Living

Cabin Living


The foundation of our YMCA Camp Cullen community starts with our individual cabin groups.  Sharing living quarters and responsibilities with a group of same-aged campers from various cities, states and even countries is not only a tremendous amount of fun, but also a great opportunity for growth.

There are 24 air-conditioned cabins with in-cabin bathrooms and showers, and each houses 14 campers and two counselors. Cabin assignments are made according to gender and age.

Campers spend a majority of their day eating, playing and working together as a cabin to enjoy camp to the fullest.


Each camper is encouraged to help make cabin decisions, be responsible for their belongings, learn to be independent and support their fellow campers.


Campers build long-lasting friendships with their cabin mates by spending time together at camp-wide events, meals, campfires and other daily activities.


Each cabin has an identity all its own that is displayed in many unique ways, including cabin decorations, songs and cheers, dress-up days, themed meals and campfire skits.

Campers learn the power of sharing their skills and strengths to benefit their cabin groups and the entire YMCA Camp Cullen community. Whether your child is spending the night away from home for the first time or your camper is building life skills year after year, time spent at YMCA Camp Cullen builds memories that last a lifetime.

Camp to me is an opportunity to leave all your worries behind and enjoy life. To make new friends. To explore the things I like. To get to know nature and myself. Camp makes me a better person.

Ara T., 14