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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

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Nestled among the tall pines on 530 acres along the shores of Lake Livingston, YMCA Camp Cullen is located just 90 minutes north of Houston. Kids ages 7-17 can discover new talents, create lifelong memories, learn core values and make forever friends.  

Camp provides your child with an enriching outdoor experience that includes dozens of activities and specialty tracks that allow children and teens to choose their own activities, including horseback riding and water sports.

YMCA Camp Cullen provides the opportunity for your child to achieve more and experience more. Children have the opportunity to build self-confidence, independence and creativity in a safe, exciting and memorable environment. It’s where kids go to grow.

Summer Theme Weeks
June 6 to June 12


What better way to spend your week at camp than with the cool island vibes of a Hawaiian paradise? We will be introducing campers to summer fun and games with our Aloha themed week.

June 13 to June 19

Campers will experience ancient civilizations and learn how different cultures from the past thrived. The whole week will take the campers from the beginnings of time through present day, just in time to be picked up by their parents.

June 20 to June 26


Our Sci-Fi week will take the campers on a journey to the future, imagining what might be possible, and living that dream at YMCA Camp Cullen through futuristic fun and games themed around technology, space travel and other-worldly adventures.

We will have guest educators from The Children’s Museum of Houston teaching campers the principles of chemistry. Kids will explore polymers, discover the difference between physical and chemical changes and make their own lava lamps and bath bombs. On Friday, campers will be amazed by the power of chemistry during a special show where they will witness the freezing effects of dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

June 27 to July 3


This week the United States celebrates its birthday! Join Camp Cullen in a revelry of all the best things about this country. Campers will enjoy a special 4th of July cookout. Don’t forget to pack your stars and stripes themed clothing!

July 4 to July 10


Super Heroes week will transform camp into a battle ground for the superhuman. As the forces of good and evil collide at YMCA Camp Cullen, we will need your camper’s help to set the world right.

July 11 to July 17


This is where we take the campers on a trip around the world, without ever leaving the safety of the camp ground. Campers will experience all kinds of culture and learn from our counselors who hail from all over the world.

July 18 to July 24


The Wild West inspires children’s imagination the world over, and it's no different here at YMCA Camp Cullen. We will take the campers on a journey through the frontier towns and troubles, helping the sheriffs and upholding the law.

July 25 to July 31


This week we’ll be presenting the kids with the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of the world and its natural beauty. We’ll surround them with programming designed to intrigue, inspire, excite and instill respect for the world around them.

August 1 to August 7

Teen Adventure Camp

Teen Adventure Camp is a specialty program defined by it innovative, and bold take on classic primitive camping. TAC consists of a two week program for participants ages 13-15 , broken down into two six day sessions, all at our Camp Cullen facility, focusing on the basic and intermediate skill development of wilderness survival, creative problem solving, orienteering, and conservationism to name a few. Participants have the opportunity to obtain and hone these skills during the first week of of TAC, where we will operate in both a classroom environment and in the field working on theory and praxis. Week two is where participants put their skills to the test, participating in “Plane Crash”, “Shipwreck”, as well as an overnight canoeing trip, and other various scenarios designed to challenge participants and create the ultimate outdoor adventure experience. The program is designed to encourage youth to develop their leadership skills, and to create lasting friendships through an exhilarating outdoor adventure here at our Camp Cullen facility.

Week 1:

Skill development

  • Survival Rule of 3
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire Building
  • Orienteering
  • Trapping (theory only), Hunting (theory only), Foraging & Fishing
  • Basics of Wilderness Medicine
  • Wilderness Conservationism
  • Various lessons to underline the importance of YMCA core values in day to day life, and how they apply to the wilderness

TAC Packing List >

August 1 to August 7


Pack your bags for a journey of nonstop fun!

Our Great Adventure week will take campers on an exciting trek through the wonders of nature surrounding us. Campers imaginations will climb to new heights in the mountain climbing themed adventure.

Make sure you tie up your shoes as you step into this amazing week of your best summer ever!
Camp to me is an opportunity to leave all your worries behind and enjoy life. To make new friends. To explore the things I like. To get to know nature and myself. Camp makes me a better person.

Ara T., 14