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Beginner Riding Club

Beginner Riding Club


Ages: 7 and older

Sessions: Six sessions on Fridays, 5:30-6:30 pm beginning September 1

Cost: $150 for YMCA members | $150 for Non-members

What will participants learn?

At riding club, kids will learn to ride and enjoy horses safely with the supervision of a trained riding instructor. Each week they will enjoy activities of their choosing such as mounted games and trail rides. They will also learn all about horses through other activities such as crafts, worksheets, and even painting their horse. Club members may choose their own horse at their ability level with instructor approval and may change horses to learn new skills. 

Who qualifies to participate?

Beginner riders are those who have never ridden a horse as well as those who have ridden quite a bit, but cannot yet control their horse confidently at the trot. This program is participant-focused and does not have a rigidly structured curriculum, so any kid can participate in beginner club until he or she has the necessary skills to advance.

What else do you need to bring?

All riders are required to wear camp-provided helmets as well as their own long pants and sturdy closed-toe shoes with a smooth sole.
I got to meet friends and do stuff I never get to do at home.

Dane P., 10